SAMMY CREATION by Sam Smith @CEDOKzakkastore 2017.11.4 – 11.12

サム・スミス(Sam Smith, aka Sam’s Myth)さんの個展を開催します。アメリカ、ナッシュビル在住のサムさんが個展のため来日しますよ。
大林宣彦監督の 『HOUSE ハウス』の新デザインのポスターなど、数々の映画ポスター、DVDのパッケージデザインを手がける他、ニューヨーク・タイムズでの挿絵、国内では白泉社「MOE」でも挿絵を手がけました。また、誰もが知るミュージシャン、ベン・フォールズのバンドではドラマーを務める多才っぷり。

twitter: @samsmyth

SAMMY is the new children’s brand of designer and illustrator Sam Smith, aka Sam’s Myth. In CREATION, he explores the creative process itself through a child’s illustrated history of the universe. Sam has produced many designs for The Criterion Collection and Janus Films (including a new poster for Nobuhiko Obayashi’s 1977 film HOUSE), album artwork including the covers for the soundtrack covers for David Lynch’s TWIN PEAKS, as well as illustrations for the New York Times and MOE Magazine. He is also a musician, drumming for Ben Folds, Joe Pisapia, Zac Clark, and other artists. He loves to collect vintage Czech books, posters, and zakka, and he loves Japan. With SAMMY, he hopes to develop children’s books, toys, and other goods inspired by the imagination, the planet, and the cosmos.